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 Forum Rules (Updated as of 10/2/12)

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Forum Rules (Updated as of 10/2/12) Empty
PostSubject: Forum Rules (Updated as of 10/2/12)   Forum Rules (Updated as of 10/2/12) I_icon_minitimeTue Oct 02, 2012 11:10 am

Hello and welcome to the SUNY Farmingdale Anime/Videogame Club Forum! (Wow I feel like a TV annaouncer)

This forum is for members of the SUNYFACA/V Club to collaborate on just about anything. But before you become "socially challenged" due to you sitting on our forum all day everyday, there are just a few guidelines we need to make sure are clear:

-Don't make a new thread if the topic already has one. It clogs up the list and nobody wants to see page after page of "OMG CHECK OUT THIS COOL THING!" For the sake of saving you the trouble of searching through every page for an existing topic, you can make a new thread for a pre-existing topic if the old thread is dead, meaning it's been inactive for enough time that it's been buried in the later pages by living threads.

-Don't post your topic as a sticky, announcement, or global announcement. Polls are fine here, but the other three are for administrative use only. Topics containing these will be locked and/or deleted.

-Obviously since this is a warm and welcoming community of people, we STRICTLY advise that profanity be used in a non-offensive manner, we remain respectful of each other, and that any offensive material (be it words, pictures, videos, ANYTHING) is strictly prohibited and will result in the post being deleted and repeat offenders will have to answer to the all mighty BAN HAMMER.

-Grammar is important children! Really though, please try to minimize the ridiculous "1337 sp34k" (leet speak, the short-hand of internet typing). It's not really a big deal, just make sure other people can actually understand what you're saying.

People who deliberately break these rules or break them again and again will be subject to actions such as but are not limited to; post deletions and temporary/permanent account banning. All based on the severity of your offense of course, combined with your record of past offences (provided you have any).

The rules listed here are subject to change/addition at ANYTIME, and will be updated when needed, and the most recent update date will be in the title of this thread.

Questions? Comments? Inquiries? Pm me!

Forum Rules (Updated as of 10/2/12) Planeswalker_Jace_Beleren_Sig_by_Mpmagi
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Forum Rules (Updated as of 10/2/12)
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